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Full Version: Index showing this
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Where the forum legend icon is, it's showing this:

{1} new posts

And it won't go away, I have looked at all the new posts and it still says this.. Any idea of how to restore that back to normal, it's supposed to say "Forum Contains New Posts"?

I believe it's a conflict with the sidebox plugin.
Yes it is. You can fix it by altering the language file and the plugin file. Unfortunately mybb created the conflict by having a portal box lang variable and an index variable the same.

In portal.lang.php find this:

$l['new_posts'] = "{1} new posts";

Change it to this:

$l['new_posts_portal'] = "{1} new posts";

Now in admincp templates edit "portal_welcome_membertext".

Replace this:


With this:


One last inc/plugins/my_side_boxes.php alter any instance of $lang->new_posts into $lang->new_posts_portal
The first step solved my problem automatically, but I did the template change just in case.

As for the last step, I had commented out all the other stuff minus the latest threads, which is what I needed therefore I didn't have to change that variable as it had been omitted in that process. However that's not a problem right?

Not if you aren't using the welcome box.