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Full Version: Urgent unlimited admin access
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Please help. i have set the permissions for my users a million times. then i log out for an hour or so and when i log back in there permissions are back to ADMIN....!!!!! How can the board change its self. I've also check the admin log to see if anyone was altering anything, and nothing. please help.
try getting real hosting?
what does that have to do with my question.........??
How many users is this happening to? What version are you using and what plugins are installed? Where the users in question ever set as admin before? When did this start happening?
Do you have any promotions set up??
Thank you so much...I almost sure it was the promotion i set up. initially i didn't know how to assign specific users to their groups, so i made a promotion. duhhh. anyways thank you very much for your help Matt_
You're welcome Smile There seems to be some problems with the promotion system, some people lose their admin rights, you're the first I've heard of people getting admin rights Tongue But to assign users to new groups: ACP > Users & Groups > **choose user** > Profile > Primary User Group Smile I suggest you leave promotions until you have done some testing and are sure you know they work as they should.