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Full Version: Add Subscribe button?
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I see you got an Upgrade button, how would i go about putting something like that similar to the theme: Afresh (Black)

I want a subscribe button on the top menu.
For AFresh, add a link to header_welcomeblock_member and/or header_welcomeblock_guest
thanks it works Smile
hrm.. I know where to find and edit the header_welcomeblock_member and/or header_welcomeblock_guest but what line should i write ?
I need to add a Games Button and a Download Button that would send my members to the games.php and downloads.php pages.

Sorry i'm a Noob at this

<a href="URL>Text to show</a>
Thank You very much MattR
it's working now :o)
(Dec 14, 2008, 05:29 AM)MattR Wrote: [ -> ]<a href="URL>Text to show</a>

should be <a href="URL">Text</a>
you forgot the end quote
Indeed I did Sad