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Full Version: Universal music box
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Ok i just got my mybb forum up and i put a html flash music box at the bottom of my forum. is there anyway i can have to music player stay with every page? without restarting the song after every page switch? pls help someone.. preferably MAtt_ Smile
It depends how you've done it. I don't think it'll be possible unless the music is in a stand alone player, i.e. in a pop up window or something, as even if you put the code somewhere to show on all pages, as you'd be loading a new page, it'd start from the beginning.
is there a way i could add a pop up link to the portal? because i have the portal redirect mod installed. What i mean is when someone acceses my url the go to the portal, and then the pop up player would appear. They would have to option to keep it with them or just close the pop up window. when ever you get a chance check out my page if you have any ideas. thx man.