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Full Version: show smilies button in quick reply
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I tried to do this by myself by using the function of show all smilies (with pop-up, that is in the normal post function) but that seems not to work).

So question:

How do I create a button in the quick reply with show smilies.
After clicking on it a pop up will open with all smilies, after clicking on the smilie this one will be intergrade in the post.

There is a mod I believe somewhere at Mybboard.
There is a mod for quick reply with letter modification (bold, collor, size, underlined etc) and smilies.
But those smilies are showed behind the quck reply box.
I only wanne have a button behind the reply box called for smilies click here.
Why? Because I have to big smilie list for a quick reply.

I thought to do it with the code that was used in the normal reply, there are the smilies showed and a BUTTON for more smilies click here.
You can probably alter it to have a dhtml menu popup instead. Just use a hide div and some javascript and bingo. Use is you need code examples.
Thank you I made it

Quote:<a href="" onclick="'','smilies',
'width=360,height=360,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=no,location=no'); return false">
<img border="0" src="" alt="smilies">
See...not too difficult now was it?

labrocca explains welll SmileSmile