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Full Version: That new header image
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Is epic.

Thanks...I had a member at HF create it in exchange for a l33t membership. It's nice ehh.
yea, its cool. i liked it better than the other one you showed me. the one with just stars.
(no globe pic)
I especially like the MyBB Central font, think that's brilliant.
And it matches the theme a whole lot more than the other one. he free to maybe take a few requests? lolBig GrinTongue
Probably...but he is a paid guy. So do you want him still?

I will have him sign up here.
Reporting for duty.
Kinda broke at the moment, but I will be needing you in the very near don't go anywhere!!!
um please!

BTW...I had to rep you for the fantastic new header image. Who would have thought that just changing one image like that could give the site a whole new look?!?!
A picture is worth a thousand words no?

Thanks for the rep+compliment.
Wont be going anywhere anytime soon.
I was planning to replace that header eventually but it was low-priority. I knew that soon or later someone with something good would come along.
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