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Full Version: template searchengine
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i regulary search for a long time in the templates because I must know the right template to change something.
Most of the time I know the variable but cannot find it in the template sets.

My question is to have a searchengine that search all templates and the html code inside to make it easier to find the right place.
There's already a search feature for templates if that's what you mean.
Then I can see if it is what I mean.

But give you an example.

I a default forum you can read the words Bio:.
So I wanne search for this word, the search engine must say it is in ...... template.
ACP > Templates & Style > Templates > Search/Replace. And you won't be able to find 'Bio:' as it'll be a variable.
This search engine does not work.

Try to find {$profilefields}
This must be somewhere in one of the templates but nothing work.

It works fine Wink