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Full Version: Løque :D
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Hi to all. Big Grin
I'm an italian boy and i'm happy to stay in this community!
I've also have a MyBB forum, but the language that we use is italian, if you want partecipate you can use also the english Smile
So the link is:
Bye Smile

Great work labrocca & Co.
I hear you use Game Maker! I'm a game maker station school teacher Tongue so I master it myself!!

Welcome to the forums Loque, I hope you love it here!! Big Grin
(Nov 20, 2008, 05:13 PM)Fred Wrote: [ -> ]I hope you love it here!! Big Grin

Yeah! Thanks Smile
Welcome to myBBCentral.
Thanks sadiqsaad Smile
welcome. i hope you'll like forum
Thanks!Smile, Great forum, love it