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Full Version: Commas & Bank?
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Is there anyway we can make this be like a bank where users can widthwrawl money out and dipost? also how can we make it to where instead of 20000 it would be 20,000?
I would like that.
MYPS add-ons are on the way.
That's awesome can't wait for it to be out. <3
We're already waiting for a long time... Sad
Ugh..I wouldn't call 2 months a long time.
It is quite long for members who really want them mod Wink
Could you do it faster??
Sorry, but to me it appears to be ages. Simply because my users annoy me with questions like "where is the betting system?" etc.
Then they have a gambling problem.

Seriously though, labrocca does other things than just making plugins. I wouldn't imagine any of these MYPS add-ons are easy things to code and just take time to get right. I'm sure you'd prefer a plugin that took some time but has no bugs, rather than one that was pushed out in a hurry and is full of problems.
(Nov 21, 2008, 07:23 AM)Matt_ Wrote: [ -> ]Then they have a gambling problem.

[Image: rofl3.gif]
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