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Full Version: My Awards on Mybb Central
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I have now installed the My Awards plugin here.

There is an "awards" link in footer and I have given out some awards already to noteworthy members.

Thank you.
Ooh I got one ^^ Thanks Smile Do you mind if I steal some of your images?? Tongue
I think you need an award for members who catch others trying to steal or republish your plugins.
Main reason i say this as i have caught a few and would love another award. Smile Im just a greedy bugger.
Cant load them.
You need to subscribe to download plugin from this website.
Not that. I Can't view myawards.php Whereas on HackForums i can. (Not l33t on there) and it says an error when i try to view them on here.
Then its been deactivated from the forums.
Yeah. I noticed Wink
This has been deactivated? Damn it.
Yes not running this here now