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Full Version: What is your Alexa Rank?
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My website - Xtemulation has a rank of 219,774..

Unfortunately I can't post a link, since I am unsure if it is allowed by Labrocca since I am not running Mybb on main production forum anymore. I still run Mybb on one of my forums that I have yet to get going in terms of activity though. has a traffic rank of: 853,904



Isn't that on Beyblade? I've never been interested in Beyblade, but I'll give it look. Smile is my forum I am running Mybb on still and plan on sticking with Mybb for that forum. I still have work to be done for that forum and to get it going in terms of activity. Just been concentrating on my main forum since the hlr forum doesn't have any members yet...


Forum Promotion has a rank of 721,890
(Nov 23, 2008, 02:14 AM)Xtreme2damax Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't that on Beyblade? I've never been interested in Beyblade, but I'll give it look. Smile

Yes. It's actually just started being marketed again in Japan and hasn't been marketed in most parts of the world since 2004/2005, so the staying power has been impressive. The fact that we have a very active community is a pleasant surprise. - Watch Free Movies Online 446,259

Made new domain - Watch Free Movies Online Not ranked yet Sad
My alexa PR is low XD


I hate Alexa rank. Those stats tells me nothing to me.

Quote:Alexa's traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of Alexa Toolbar users

Oh yeah, and:

Quote:Currently Alexa only has toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox.


You better check you google pagerank Tongue and for the stats use google analytics xD


I have a pagerank of PR3


Seeing as my community is fairly new... about a months old it's doing pretty well you can see that my signature. Google is starting to drive in hits maybe in a month or so will I look at my rank. Tongue
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