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Full Version: Good way to have built in ad system?
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How can i have my own built in ad system so that i could either pick which images link where, or people can purchase and have their banner(s) shown?

Is there a script that could do this? I already have MyAd manager, and so i am just looking for a script that could have it set up for users to purchase ads on my site and it would be placed automatically.
Great idea...
These scripts aren't free
i has $$ Wink
(Nov 23, 2008, 01:45 PM)yeti Wrote: [ -> ]i has $$ Wink

LOL I'm happy for you Big Grin
You can choose to labrocca if he can create this plugin Tongue
i wouldn't mind, probably get a good deal too :p

all i really need is so that people can pay and put their banner//image//whatever and put where it links too and pick which spot.
Netsage suggested this to me

That's free and by far the most comprehensive ad system out there.
I was told it's to complex, but I will still try it out.