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Full Version: Hello folks!
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wow, this really looks like a great resource for plugins and themes for MyBB, so I thought it was worth registering.
I'm codetail, and I've got some programming projects related to MyBB.
In fact I'm currently working on WordBB (fork of the old and discontinued WP/MyBB), a WordPress / MyBB integration (the original author agreed given that he was too busy with his new job).
The first release is going to come soon, just be patient and you'll be rewarded.

Okay, personal stuff apart, I really look forward to checking out the cool stuff this board offers. Congrats to labrocca, I saw him on lurking on the forums, but couldn't imagine he created such a community.
Oh, by the way, I just subscribed.

See you in the forums!

Welcome at this beautiful community! Wink
Welcome to MyBBCentral. Looking forward to your Wordpress plugin.
welcome. i hope you'll like forum
welcome to mybbcenteral mate
Anyone know where I can find this WordBB??
Hmm....I think the author has abandoned the project.
nice forum... but there are threads i cant open. T_T