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Full Version: DGL Scripts
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DGL Scripts is a new service just opened today that provides premium webmaster scripts and software applications that you could normally pay in average 40 to 50 dollars each for, at a low annual fee of just $5.00.

Registration to these forums is 100% Free. However, to access the Subscriber area, you will need to Subscribe. You can do this by Clicking Here or clicking on the "Subscribe" link in the top menu.
Subscription is via PayPal and is automated. To unsubscribe, you will need to do this yourself via PayPal. Unsubscribing will not immediately remove your privileges. Once the 12 month period has ended, your subscription will also end and your access on these forums will be limited.

The Advantages Of Subscribing:

For just $5.00 per year via PayPal, you will:
  • Have access to unlimited script and software application downloads
  • Have access to a restricted area for Subscribers Only
  • Receive permission to upload and download attachments
  • Have permission to change your username
  • Have permission to change your user title
  • Have access to special promotions and offers
More benefits will be added as time goes on.

The forums will also be redesigned etc soon.
Nice forum.
With wich code you create the softwares?
If I gave that away everyone would be creating them Tongue
You can access the software applications downloads for free until December 2nd.
Forum registration required, which is free.