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Full Version: Thread Count Help 1.4.3
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Hi guys,
I posted this on mybboard and thought i might get help here, so here is what i posted.

I was hoping that i could get this plugin update to 1.4.3

Yumi was very kind to make this for me and others that used it. I love it!
It almost works with 1.4.3, just does not display the thread numbers even after the recount of user's threads.

This is something i need really bad on my board.
My board relies on user's thread count more then posts count. My members take more pride in their thread count.
As you know, there is not even a way to see an actual thread number anywhere on the board for a user.

This is something i think should be in mybb by default.
Why would you have one and not the other? They are 2 different things.
In our case, separate threads numbers being more important.

If someone could look through this great plugin and see whats needed to update it, My board would be very grateful. My guess is it wont need much change.. i hope.
I have sent Yumi a message about this, but he said he does not have time anymore to do these things.

Would be a shame to see this plugin not apart of mybb's future.

This is the last thing i need, and my board is complete as it was when we ran 1.2.

Thanks I sure hope someone can help
Tom said he'd fix it up for you if you upload the file so he can access it.
Yeah Zinga should be updating that for you if he has time. It's his plugin and's pretty custom to you.

Are you sure the template edits have occurred? I see a few in the plugin. And you should be placing your forum url in profile to make it easier to check it out for me. No one else can see it but staff.
I attend the new version of this plugin Wink
Thanks for responding guys.
Looks like Tom is going to help as Matt said.

If i still need help later, i will let know know in the thread.

Cheers! Cool
All worked out.. Tom has done it.