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Full Version: Can 1.2 themes be used for 1.4?
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Just random thought that occurred to me and just wanted to be active... I was wondering if themes created for mybb 1.2 can be used for mybb 1.4 series as well? if not, why so?

just complete randomness... didn't have time to search the forum.. so sorry if there's a topic like this
They cannot, same with plugins, as there are coding differences and new features in 1.4.
In 1.4 there was a major revamp of everything. Some features were built in, new variables. All themes must be designed for 1.4 or else they WILL NOT WORK!
...witch sucks because there are still more themes and plugins for 1.2!
I almost turned to mybb 1.2 the other day.. but it was too difficult.. Tongue
What plugin haven't been updated to 1.2 yet??
Not sure about the plugins.. but im sure there are many still in the 1.2 version (and im not talking about mybbcentral)

But themes... there are many!