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Full Version: [REQUEST] - Opt-In Form
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I am looking for a plugin for MyBB that would display an Opt-In Form in a custom Page where people can fill in their name and address to be submitted to me.
By doing this they would be opting in to receive newsletters etc.
It would also be used to send them access keys for the software I create.

Can this be done?

I would attempt it myself but not too much of a genius when it comes to MyBB. Big Grin
Couldn't you do this by making a publicly joinable usergroup?
Hmmmmm. Might look into that.
But if I do that and a Subscriber (MyIPN) decides to opt in to this group, won't they lose their Subscriber Benefits?
You can be a member of more than one usergroup ...
Make a Newsletter group as a secondary. The MyIPN right now works off a primary only. Next version will support secondary and multiple levels too.

But Brad actually has a great idea...start a Newsletter group where members can opt-in.
Excellent. Thanks Brad. Will do that. Smile
No problem, glad it worked out. Smile