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Full Version: Avatar Problems..
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On my site for some reason Avatars are not shown in the Postbit in either mode. (yes it is enabled to show them in my UserCP).

Any ideas of where to look for an option to enable it or any code to look for or add?

Also: It doesn't show them in either my custom theme or the stock unedited theme that comes with mybb.
Where did you get the theme you are using? Are you sure it's 1.4 compatible?

I see avatars just fine.
if you saw this
[Image: serv_ava.gif]

then you saw the avatar and i need to look closer in my user prefs.. If you didn't then you probably saw my rank image.

Yes the Theme is 1.4 compatible and was only designed for it.. though it was very shotty done.. so far i have had to fix many color errors and am still looking.
I just checked source and it appears you have an issue with your settings for display of avatars.

What's the image size you have set now for display in postbit? Default is 70x70.
at the moment 150x150.
Make sure the dimensions has a small x rather than a big X. Not sure if this was fixed in 1.4.4 or not but still worth checking.
Looks to be working now! Congrats. Was the X x the problem? If so I need to report to mybb again. Are you using 1.4.4?