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Full Version: A vomit button.
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Yep sounds silly and no doubt is.
But my forum unfortunately needs it lol.

Here is what i would like. ( I will pay for the job ).

Im not sure if its even possible but just throwing it out there.
Lets say a member above you posted some utter crap.
And you want to well lets say have your say regarding said post.
Well i would like a plugin that ran a java script or similar where a member could hit the VOMIT button below the said post then that post would have some sort of edit to it. Like a vomit pile or some silly thing. And perhaps a mouse over effect to show who issued said vomit.

Is this possible? I know its a silly request but i feel it would really benefit my forum of silly idiots. LOL.
I am talking about a proper fully functioning plugin though. Something that perhaps even member level can access. So perhaps a user CP option or whatever. Not sure. Would like and appreciate ideas on this.
WTF can i have this moved to 1.4 plugin requests.
Seems im too stupid to navigate a forum.

Conceptually it's interesting. Do you have an example site maybe that has a similar feature?
(Dec 03, 2008, 01:32 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Conceptually it's interesting. Do you have an example site maybe that has a similar feature?

No i dont have a site example. As far as im aware its not available anywhere.
I just thought up the idea last night.
I feel it would be a cool ass plugin though.
Being able to sort of take the piss out of a post without having to post i guess.

Yep i would love the "Vomit button" lol.....
Sounds like a reverse thank you plugin? Why not use that and then alter the language to say.."You suck" or whatever.
Yea i have done that. I just need to have it add an image to the post. Perhaps a pile of puke or similar.
But yea the thankyou plugin edited was pretty much what i was after.
Cheers Labrocca.