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Full Version: download & upload
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download & upload

have a add on for admins only to be able to display to the board certain things the admin has uploaded to the board such as java and the admin uploads java.exe and then he can put a post in that topic or posts or thread to the users to be able to download java.exe from the server itself * sometimes this is awesome for broken links and stuff if we could actually upload things ADMINS only and give the Registered users the ability to download something
I have no idea what you mean.

How is this different than what mybb offers now? You can set upload and download permissions on a per forum basis and per group.

You have to think of how mybb works not how SMF or other programs work. Most functions are built into Mybb if you are willing to understand how to use them. SMF might do A->G->R->Z while Mybb does A->R->G->Z. End results are the same no matter how you get there.
ok i guess ill have to figure out where this part in the ACP Panel i can enable it
*I didint know it was even there*
thanks for letting me know!