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Full Version: i have a question
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i have a question

can i know if someone can upgrade the Template NotePad for 1.4.3

cause personally i really like the look Wink

i tried the actual 1 now and it wont go cause it is only for 1.4.2 and I have 1.4.3 Sad
(Dec 03, 2008, 02:36 PM)Matt_ Wrote: [ -> ] This one should work fine.

Quote:[Release] Notebook (v1.4.2)

Theme Name: Notebook
Designed for: MyBB 1.4.2
Designed by: FirefoxWiz

i have tried this and it said incompatiable Sad
even when i unchecked the version check in the box when uploading Sad
Id be so happy if someone could make it compatiable for 1.4.3 & 1.4.4

when i seen it i was like WOW ...

for what im doing this would make a good presentation for my users Smile
If you untick the version compatibility it should just upload, that's the point of having the option to ignore it...