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Full Version: A link farm plugin.
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Well not a link farm as such. More a plugin where anyone who loads the plugin automatically gets the list of other forums that have the plugin and creates a good link to them.
So the more that have it the more that get it sort of thing.
Is this a good idea? I know we would be loosing topic relevant links but all MyBB forums have that in common to start i guess. There all MyBB.

Anyways just tossing it out there.
Hmmm...interesting. But you can't call it a link farm or google will automatically penalize. It was to be a webring imho.
Yea i agree. It would have to be done in a subtle manner. But if its only MyBB related then it could get past the big G's ban hammer.
Not sure really was just putting it out there.
Do you know about link vault and coop?
I did join one forum. I think it was called link vault. But decided against it. Mainly because i dont want to get banned by google as i run adds on my forum. (surprised right there)
I could be off track though. It was a site that i think Nickman has something to do with by memory.