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Full Version: Maintaining CPU Usage??
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How do I keep my CPU Usage down? I've removed some things like the adpeeps system, show users online list decreased time on that, and such.

If you register, you can see more things like the spicefuse shoutbox.


Im not suppose to get over 5% cpu usage, and I seem to go over it by 1% or so. I should probably try and keep it down to around 2% or so atleast.

Could the FIcons (forum icons) be increasing the cpu usage?

Could Mass Mail(s) be doing this too?
i took out the shoutbox for awhile.
It's not ficons. Maybe shoutbox but you need to ask your host. Is this like an ultra cheap host?

Realistically your host is crap imho.
its seeming like that, i never heard of host really basing stuff off of cpu usage.

might have to get a refund :S
Well who is host? And CPU usage limits are ordinary. However your site has nothing imho to produce that much load.
its my own hosting but its reseller hosting from