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Full Version: Hi :)
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Hi there, my name's Blade.

I am about to revive my old guild website for a game I play and I needed some stuff for my MyBB forum and I saw this site so I came here... so yea, I'm basically here for the stuff Tongue

I play CS2D (because my computer can't handle anything else), Endless Online, and Well Of Souls... and thats basically all I do on the internet atm, although if I can find some good mods/themes for my MyBB i'll be able to add "running my MyBB forum" to that list Big Grin

So yeah, I've seen some of the work you guys have done with themes and it looks real good, I'm sure I'll find something I can use (b'-')b
Oh yeah one more thing, what the heck's a "MYPS"?

Is that like forum cash or something? Cuz I saw if you click on it its some kind of Donation thing