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Full Version: Forum visible for a certain age
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Hej Jesse,
in the last days I wanted to upload the GTA IV trailer to my board.
One problem: It's only for people who are over eightteen!

So I request the following plugin:
-> Thread/Forum visible only for people who are over 16, 18 or any age.
If user do not set their birthday in User CP they shall also have no right to see the thread (On/Off-function of this in Admin CP would be nice).

Of course this is no real protection, but it helps webmasters definately.
And if MyBB allready has the birthday-feature- why not use it? Smile

Would be very thanksfull if you could do this plugin.
LS 134
People can lie in their profiles. I can't think of a single way this could be done without people just having to tell a small lie to get round it.

As I said when this was mentioned on the MyBB forums somewhere, create a new usergroup, only add people to it who you know to be 18 or over, and only give that usergroup access.
It would help in legal matters..
ex. If someone sue you for displaying adult content to members under 18, you could respond to that by saying that the forums are accessable for adults only and that its not your problem if the kids lie for their age.. (you couldn't know!!)
Quote:Of course this is no real protection
I allready wrote that Wink
It is no protection in a technical sense but in a legal sense.
Of course people can lie and steal and do bad things.
I can not prevent them from lying.
But I can simply not display certain forums for users which have not the special age.
Nobody can accuse me in that case- I protected the files in a secure area Smile

And it's also a question of interest, if you have for example a forum for seniors, you could simply set it only visible for people over 40 years and all others do not see the forum.

I'd really like to have something like that and I believe that it can be done as a plugin so I requested it, it would definately be usefull.

LS 134
Bumping this Smile
Legally none you know what you're talking about.

1) GTA Trailer is not by law required to be sold to only 18+ players. They do that to make it MORE appealing to teens. That's the damn truth. If you don't know I owned a popular video game retail store in NYC for 10 years. I know what I am talking about. You can see GTA to a 13 year law prevents it.

2) Webmasters and site owners cannot be sued if underaged people view the content on their site meant for 18+ viewers and that's because the law doesn't require age verification for web surfing. That's just how it is. Imagine before you even viewed a site you would have to fax or call someone or whatever...even that wouldn't work. So it's pointless. Sites are required to tell visitors their content is for adults only and that's about it. If you want make your thread title 18+ only or use a spoiler tag.

This content is for adults only 18+ (Click to View)

It's that easy.
Well, here in germany things are different.
my father is a lawyer, I'm running several web projects myself on german servers so I really know what I'm talkin about.

I really want that plugin but I see that it doesn't make much sense for you Smile

I'll just go and try it myself, thanks.
You can close this thread now.