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Full Version: Tip Mycode Plugin [1.4.x]
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Plugin Name: Tip
Plugin Author: King
Plugin Website:
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.4.x
Plugin Description:this plugin creates a popup when you mouseover a specific word.

Use this code: [Tip]Text here[/Tip]

1. Upload tip.php to your /inc/plugins folder.
2. Login to your AdminCP and activate the plugin

[Image: tip1ji7.png][Image: tip2zt3.png]


Mycode King
Kind of annoying =/

That may be used to abuse. Maybe changing "mouseover" for "mouseclick"? Tongue
This is exploitable. I don't advise anyone use it. My suggestion is you change it from javascript to a hidden div.
thanks labrocca for opinion^^
I will try it...
have you got an idea?
Maybe make it clickable, rather than mouseover.

Right now, someone could make a huge post filled with them and if your mouse is in the middle of the page, you're screwed.