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Full Version: how to ember flash banners in to mybb forum
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Hey hi
I want to know how to fix a swf banner in the top of my bb forum

if possible
please help with the code and all the changes that are to be made
Simply go to : Themes > Tempelates & Style > Tempelates > Select your tempelate > Expand tempelates > Header > header .
Now remove the first line and insert the code .
Best regards
sorry any 1 can show me what a flash banner is, just curious to know what a swf is ...
if it looks nice maybe that will be an idea i do for change
I don`t use It because it slows down my forum Sad
If you want to create a flash banner try : Flash banner & Intro creator Wink
Best regards
i was also looking for this awhile ago..glad i found it