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Is possible change the plugin myipn in this way:
Empty of to pay subscription for services all, to need to pay single service so:
If you want a plugin you must pay $5 for 1 year
If you want a blue nickname you must pay $2 for 3 month
If you want to be a Users Gold you must pay $10 for 3 week
What do you think?
So you mean have more than one type of subscription??
Yes, i have!
What do you think?
That's planned for next version. There is no release date for it. When I have time I will make it.
Sounds good Smile
very good labrocca!
However this function there is in vb of defaul
(Dec 17, 2008, 03:35 PM)Gianluca94 Wrote: [ -> ]However this function there is in vb of defaul
That's fine; this isn't vB though. Wink Just about everyone is waiting for this; as has been said many times already, it will be released when it's ready. Or, another idea for everyone who wants all these vB-esque features: BUY vB.
Again comparing to vB...