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Full Version: Which advert company?
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I am wondering what is the best company to publish adverts on my site with. I'm currently using Adbrite on my site, but I have seen people saying that they are very unreliable.

What would you suggest/think is the best company to go with? I can't use google AD's.


Have you tried Bidvertiser?
I have an account with them, I'm not currently using their adds though. Are they a good company?
Over at (another of my sites) we discuss Ad Networks and Monetizing pretty well.
Thanks alot. Lots of content there Big Grin

You seem to be full of things I have wanted for years.
I go with adsense but I aint making anything special Sad
I use Adbrite because they have CPM ads..
I'd suggest Bidvertiser if you haven't tried it already.


I would like to know this. One which pays via paypal is preffered. I was using bidvertiser but when people clicked the ads I didn't seem to get any cash/ clicks updated :S
which one is better pay? i heard google adsense (who i am with now) don't pay well as others?
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