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Full Version: Best shoutcast host?
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I'm currently using Media30 for my shoutcast hosting, and its terrible. So I would just like someone's opinion on a good host to go with.

I'm looking for a cheap price, not to bothered about KBPS. Also a autoDJ would be nice (I don't mind paying)



mcgroove are good.


I was using
They had the best prises i could find back then..

But their support sucks..
They got some Indian dude on MSN that can barely speak English..
And the guys from the e-mail support are a little dump.. But i dont know.. maybe they were replaced Big Grin

but check it out..
I had a 25 listener / 128kpps plan.. But i think their system does not count IP addresses as listeners.. they count ISP's as listeners.. So i had 10 listeners sometimes, and it showed up 2..
(it was only for my country)

willischong is better than all those stated above, they're using the fastest network in United Kingdom and got a cheap SHOUTcast price. Smile
a good site to check out is it has reviews and comments for most major shoutcast hosting sites.
Thanks for all your help. I will be sure to check them all out.

Does anybody have a shoutcast radio currently running that I can check out?