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Full Version: MYPS Changelog
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April 22,2007 Version 1.03

Added the ability for admincp to edit, add, or remove myps.
Added admincp to reset myps to default
Added admincp to recount myps  (this does not recount the characters and doesn't give extra for thread points)
Added default myps function for new members
Added subtraction of myps for deleted posts and threads

April 23,2007 Version 1.04
Fixed bug with recount of MYPS

April 27,2007 version 1.05
Redid admincp recount to refect characters, polls, replies and threads
Redid permission edit system for admins, admins and super mods, or all mods

May 3,2007 version 1.06
Fixed bug with myps recount for characters
Added erop to myps recount

May 4, 2007 version 1.07
Fixed bug with myps recount for characters that wasn't resetting with each member
Fixed a bug in myps recount that created an array problem with trim of whitespace

May 10, 2007 version 1.08
Added language support
Added pages to admincp recount of myps for larger boards
Added PM on donations along with optional reason
Fixed and exploit where a negative number can be entered into donation
Added better error checking for inputs along with error messages

May 25, 2007 version 1.09
Added rebuild setting to activation/deactivation
Added member profile section for myps with myps total,donation, and admin/mod edit
Added myps top 10 richest members to forum stats page
Added hooks to myps_recount, myps_display, myps_profile and myps_stats functions
Added logging for donations and mod actions
Added reset of moderator logs in admincp
Added reset of donation logs in admincp
Added Helpdocs section along with key for myps earnings and actions.
Added History section linked from usercp miscellaneous nav
Fixed recount function so if mypsperchar is 0 it will ignore the count so it's much faster
Fixed notification on donations
Fixed bug where guest can donate 0 myps
Fixed bug with language files in admincp

June 10, 2007 version 1.10
Fixed bug in delete thread and delete posts where moderator actions took myps from moderator (thanks to tikitiki for some assistance)
Added list of biggest donors to stats page (courtesy of Lex)
Added latest donation to stats page (courtesy of Lex)
Added formated timestamp to the history page (assistance courtesy of Lex)
Added multipage and sorting to history page in usercp (courtesy of Lex)
MYPS is activated to status ON by default
Added admin log page

August 12, 2007 version 1.2
Fixed bug where mod action showed for latest donation
Altered mypslog table for larger donations and modactions
Added security to inputs with intval() and mysql_real_escape_string()
Added support for decimals
Added admin options for permissions to manage myps
Fixed recount bug where if mypschar was 0 it would bypass the longer message parse

November 8, 2007 version 1.21
Fixed a stats bug where the Richest Members was not correct
Added mypsdisplay in postbit for easier control
Modified my_date formatting to reflect member options properly
Altered the admin permission so YES is default for myps

November 26, 2007 version 1.22
Fixed a problem with deleted posts and removal of myps (this was due to hook changes in 1.2.7)
Fixed up language in admincp so that now myps is 100% lang compatible
Removed and altered many queries to tighten up the code
Fixed an EROP problem when deleting a thread
Fixed a small decimal support issue in moderator edit area
Added Erop count removal when deleting a thread