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Full Version: My first forum site.
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I have made my first ever forum site, which is I have no experience with forum sites.

I made the forum just for fun, to see if I good actually do it. And after a while I got it working. My plan for the forum is just to make a small discussion/chat/community forum.

I don't have any idea's on how to actually get the forum noticed, so I guess ill post here. I understand that the site has VERY few members. But if you could give me some tips on how to get a flow of members I would be very great full.

I also can not find a theme which fits the words 'Dead World'. If you have any suggestions I would be greatly thank full.

So yea. Go on the site and please register, and have a look around. Ill make it so you don't need to verify your email for a while.



(constructive criticism welcome Smile )
Well it's off to a good start.

But the header is still a bit plain, try adding another color to the white as all white looks boring.

Maybe make the "Dead" a darker color. As for the point shop, good idea.
Yes, ill give those idea's a go. Thanks Smile