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Full Version: Copying of threads
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I want to duplicate some of my sections..

--forum1 (20 posts)
--forum2 (5 posts)

i want to copy all threads from forum 1 to forum 2 and make it look like this:

--forum1 (20 posts)
--forum2 (25 posts)

Is there a way to do it besides visiting each thread and clicking "Move"?

(cos the above is just an example... i want to copy 200+ threads)

thaaanks... merry xmas!
Start's the only method imho.
that would be a nice plugin to do.. :p
Not can bulk copy just fine.

Create a new thread moderation tool in admincp and set it to do what you want...then you can do a full page of threads. Set your threads to max view of like 50 per page. You can do this in 15-20 minutes tops.
surprised there's no way to do this via sql query
(Dec 27, 2008, 05:29 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]surprised there's no way to do this via sql query

there isnt.. each thread has a unique id.. so it wouldn't be that possible Big Grin
wow great!
never tried that feature before.. it rocks.. thanks labrocca Wink
Yeah the custom tools aren't utilized enough but on most of my sites I use them. It's great for having a quick way to trash threads or split posts into your trash. I also have a couple others like OT Move so I can quick move threads to the OT of a forum.
I just used thread tools to copy a whole bunch of threads in my testing forum.

It seems nice, although I also misunderstood it. I wanted to create copies where the subject of the copy would be 'Copy of {subject}', but of course the 'New Subject' field in the admin tools is meant to change the subject of the original thread, not the copy.

I also wanted to have a reply added to the copy with the reply subject 'Copy of {subject}' too, but of course the reply was added to the original thread, plus it bugged; {subject} wasn't replaced with the subject of the thread at all, but with the subject of another thread. This seems to be a bug with MyBB. (I selected a whole bunch of threads and copied them and for the new reply, it used the subject of one thread, for all threads).

Nevertheless, it's nice to have such a method for quickly creating artificial content by duplicating threads, even if it's only for testing. For moderation the standard tools already make me happy enough. Smile