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Full Version: need a plugin or to pointed in the right direction
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I'm trying to create custom areas in my forum, I have been toying around with php, but to be honest I am in kindergarden when it comes to php.

Here is what I would like to do:

The first problem is I have no idea how to make anything like this. The second is that this goes in specific categories of my boards.

I hope this is much easier than I am making it, please let me know if this can be done or if I need to go to a local studio and ask them to design this for me.
Realistically you have a lot to learn and your choices are spending that time or spending money to hire someone. You have to choose between them. The learning process can be a rewarding one long-term but obviously this requires a lot of time.
Could you tell me, does this look like it could be using an xml spreadsheet? Is that possible? I had a feeling I would have to contact a local desigh studio to help with this but you need to explore all options first before investing that kind of money.