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Full Version: MYPS Features
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These are current MYPS features along with the list of addons available and future scheduled releases.

MYPS Features:
1. Allow/Disallow Donate
2. Allow/Disallow admin and moderator edits
3. MYPS per thread
4. MYPS per post
5. MYPS per character
6. Mininum characters required
7. Points name change
8. Forum MYPS exemptions (forums excluded from points)
9. Group MYPS exemptions (groups excluded from points)
10. Default points on signup
11. MYPS per reply to the OP (original thread creator)
12. MYPS recount/reset for all members based on current settings
13. MYPS per new poll
14. MYPS per vote
15. Logging of all donations and moderator actions.
16. PM on donation to recipient
17. Help Docs with key for myps earnings
18. Usercp history page of all myps activity
19. Member profile page area for donations, edit, and points
20. Admincp recount function for new installs on old forums or for upgrades
21. Admincp history logs for all donations and actions
22. Stats section for myps donators, richest members, and latest donation
23. FAQ for MYPS
24. Decimal support
25. Admin Permissions Option
26. Mysql injection security checks

MYPS addons:
1. Attachment Costs
2. Lottery
3. Slots
4. Shop (lex)
5. MyBet (lex)
6. Profile Shop (lex)
7. Min Cost to View (lex)
8. Backup (lex)
9. Log Prune (lex)
10. Referral Payment (lex)
11. Post Count (lex)
12. Post Count with Ajax (lex)
13. Access Restrictions (lex)
14. Download Section Fixes (lex)
15. Buy Usergroup Access (lex)
16. MyBank (lex)
17. Staff Salaries (lex)
18. Hide Online (lex)

MYPS Compatible:
1. Inventory Shop (ryan)

MYPS Planned Addons
1. Blackjack
2. Stud Poker
3. Carribean Poker
4. Keno
5. Roulette
6. Action RPG
7. Pet RPG
8. Crimes
9. Stock Trader
10. Paypal Integration
11. Rewards
12. Jobs