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Full Version: Forced redirect to bad members?
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Yea basically. Lets face it no one ever reads the TOS when joining and pity really as i have made my own custom one which i think is rather funny. But more for the specific rules of the forum over and above the TOS. Well i have my TOS and also the forum specific rules so thats why i guess. I suppose i could just add my rules to the TOS but it would get rather tedious to read then as the TOS itself is rather long and boring and to add block of text about rules to the forums would be a bit much.
Like i said it was more of a thought than a request. Just putting ideas out there to perhaps inspire others or whatever. I really need to learn how to make plugins i think. Might go read some of those tuts that yous guys and others have been generous enough to offer.
Man was that a load of typing for me... Smile
Seems Nickman has released something basically like what i wanted so yea i guess i will use his plugin.
Thanks anyways guys.
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