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Full Version: need help with three mods
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how to remove the double of the ads and bookmark manager.which template should i edit Big Grin

i need to know how to use shoutbox feature of AJAX Chat.since i dont get where should i put the Shoutbox stylesheet,Shoutbox function and Shoutbox output


AJAX Chat is also usable as shoutbox - this is a short guide on how to set it up:

1. Shoutbox stylesheet

Add the following line to the stylesheet (CSS) of all pages displaying the shoutbox:

@import url("");

Replace with the URL to the chat.
Modify css/shoutbox.css to your liking.

2. Shoutbox function

Add the following function to your PHP code:

function getShoutBoxContent() {
// URL to the chat directory:
if(!defined('AJAX_CHAT_URL')) {
define('AJAX_CHAT_URL', './chat/');

// Path to the chat directory:
if(!defined('AJAX_CHAT_PATH')) {
define('AJAX_CHAT_PATH', realpath(dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']).'/chat').'/');

// Validate the path to the chat:
if(@is_file(AJAX_CHAT_PATH.'lib/classes.php')) {

// Include Class libraries:

// Initialize the shoutbox:
$ajaxChat = new CustomAJAXChatShoutBox();

// Parse and return the shoutbox template content:
return $ajaxChat->getShoutBoxContent();

return null;

Make sure AJAX_CHAT_URL and AJAX_CHAT_PATH point to the chat directory.

2. Shoutbox output

Display the shoutbox content using the shoutbox function:

<div style="width:200px;"><?php echo getShoutBoxContent(); ?></div>
MyBB has its own Shoutbox plugin.. Somebody created it and you can find it at

So i wouldnt recommend using a third party shoutbox... it would be easier Smile