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Full Version: Plugin to show location in by their name?
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Is there anyway i can have a plugin that will show the users location (based on posting ip, or registered ip) by their name when posting or in their profile?
its better and easier to change template postbit you can add {$post['iplogged']} or {$post['location']}
{$post['location']} can get this done though?

that sounds cool, i will try that - thanks.

im working on a business forum, and i think its a good idea because sometimes its good to know the persons location so they can't scam.
does {$post['location']} work though?
{$post['location']} will only work if it is defined to do something
hi yeti
sorry that was wrong but i find the way that you can place user location in his/her post
folow this :
1- create a custom field
2- in postbit template enter this : {$post['fid1']}
replace your custom field id for 1 mean if your custom field id is 4 you must place {$post['fid4']} in your postbit template
so if you want show your users location in their post
create "location" field :
select "select box" for field type
also i collect name and flag of 189 countries that is in attached
there is in attached countries.txt that paste all in "Selectable Options?"
and save your coustom field
after you enter {$post['fid1']} in postbit template you can see location for each user.
again sorry for that wrong answer