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Since Mybb has been experiencing up and down problems I have decided to place the latest version available here is a mirror. Of course it's a direct download so registration is not required.

Thank you.
Handy... I was working on a theme and had to reinstall on localhost and went to download and the site didn't load... oh well thank god for my mirror server. Big Grin
You're welcome. I will leave this up. I would have mirrored a long time ago but the old license didn't allow for distribution. Now it does. Smile
thanks for this man ^_^ I'll need it soon
does mybb have an svn?
Yep, only staff members get access to it though (mwahaha).
whats an svn?
SubVersioN, development stuff, bug fixes etc.
you mean access to download from it or edit it?
Updated my mirror to 1.4.6
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