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Full Version: Here we go
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Hi I'm new to mybb and am starting a forum about electronic Live music.

It needs to be modded quite a bit...
so here I am...


I'm just playing around so don't be expecting anything special but I'm gonna put a lot of effort in it and try to change every single bit of the layout and graphics.

I make all my graphics myself and will surely add my theme when it's done
It's going to be a Modular Synthesizer look or something like that.

Here some examples of my icons:

Forum icons:
[Image: poti1.png]
[Image: jack1.png]
more to come...

Header icons

[Image: ferng2klein.png]
more to come...

If you want to use them for your forum, pleas do so
If you want to add it to a theme release please ask me before you do so
thank you
i like the main site... looking good so far Wink
oh that is also just playing around...

.. until I got all the graphics together, but that's a lot of work

But thanks for the compliment
welcome Wink