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Full Version: Link back box thing
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Not sure how to explain this really so bare with me.

I want something that is similar to the cool download plugin, in the sense that it will look similar. I want to add a similar box to the end of all of the tutorials on my forum, with some text that people must add if they want to use my tutorials on their own site, just so I get credit etc. This is basically what I'd have in there:

This tutorial was originally found in [url=][b]this thread[/b][/url] on [url=][b][/b][/url]. It was originally written by [url=][b]MattR[/b][/url] and all credit goes to him for this tutorial.

However, I don't want to keep typing this, and editing it each time I add it. What I want, is for me to be able to type something like [linkback] and for it to add the above code, in a box similar to the cool download, but for it to automatically change the tid to the thread that I'm posting in. So say the thread has a tid of 18, when I type [linkback], it will add the code I want but put the tid as 18.

Also, as an extra added bonus, it'd be great if when you click the text, it adds it to the clipboard automatically, like the code to YouTube videos etc, but I think this uses JS, and as you've said somewhere you're not so good with that, it isn't as important.

Is any of that at all possible??

EDIT: Ok, so I can create some MyCode, and put like [link]TID[/link] and make it create the above message and put in the tid, but I'd still really like to be able to type just one thing that doesn't need to be edited or have anything added to it, if it's possible, and also have it with CSS.