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Full Version: I need a unique suggestion
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After making the move to IPB for my main forum, I have a void where Mybb should be...

So I've decided to start another Mybb forum on a subdomain for my website, problem is I can't think up a unique name for the forum and a unique name for the sub-domain.

So I decided to post in hopes one or more of you helpful folks can give some general suggestions on names.

I was thinking about the main topic having to do with media, entertainment, Discussion pertaining to Drm and ethics of corporations to prevent piracy etc....

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Smile
Lol, the domain name backwards..

Although something unique could probably come out of it. Smile

Mostly everything I've thought up which I thought was unique, is already being used on another website, I just don't want anyone to claim I'm copying them.. Tongue
Haha! Now I got it, but I'm not saying anything until I set it up. My genius at work once again.. Tongue