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Full Version: Guest access as a suggestion - not a requirement
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I've asked this around some forums, but no one wants to help me.
I know there's a plugin (called "Guest Access") that requires guests to sign in after an amount of views. Can a plugin be created (or the "Guest Access" be changed) so that after a few views the guest will see a message that asks him/her to sign in - just not require. I don't mind if the message will be shown, only, one time, or every time the amount of views has reached. One way I thought of is that the guest will be "jumped" to a message saying "please register to this site..." and after a few seconds will be returned to his/hers previous place (something like the message you get when you post a reply).
Because of the type of forum I'm building (a teaching/guides/self help docs.), I cannot force a guest to sign, but I created an incentive to do so - there are three(3) levels of users (guests, registered, paying) and each one gets some more value (btw, 'paying' is for future - there's a problem with PayPal in Israel).

That's an interesting approach, it's better than the forced registration.

However in the mean time you could probably use Labrocca's ad plugin to display a "advertisement" which would tell users to register - however content would still be viewable. You can set it up so that this "ad" only shows up to guests. Not exactly what you wanted, but it's a temporary solution.
Hello CoDPlay3r,
For now I'm using Nickman's "Welcome Message" plugin, but it "solves" only the guest vs. member message. I actualy have two(2) major reasons why I want guests to red this forum:
1) As I wrote, I do want guest visitors to upgrade themselves into members as they get more from the site, and I get to know (about) them better.
2) I do want all my visitors (guests or members of all types - even admins) to read the legal notifications I wrote. This is do to the "new" hobby in Israel of suing everybody for anything. My forum is intended as a guide/self help and you can imagine that from time to time something can go wrong on the visitors computer. On, one, of the messages I wrote, I explain VERY clearly that I cannot be, legally, be at fault for whatever happened to them (as much as I would like to help them solve the problem).