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Full Version: Cant login!!
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It seems i can not login to my forum. I can as admin and are in there as i type but can not login to the forums itsself. Now i have tried on various computers and no luck. I have tried changing the password via email and via CP and both fail also.

Now an additional side not. My username has changed here????

Hoping someone can help. I will hang online here to answer any questions relating to my problem.

Thanks again if anyone can help.

(Hoping i have not been well compromised?)


Here is the error i get... It says nothing?



I got 1 pc to login now. It appears the capture was missing again... Had the same problem a while ago on mybb community. I kept trying and sure enough after time it did appear and then was able to login.
Should be able to sort that out. Still i have the weird username here?
There's a fix in the bug report thread about that, but if you clear your login attempts column in the database (set yours to 0) and clear your cookies it should elt you in.