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Full Version: Two requests please
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Is there any chance i can have the following.

Request No.1
A mod where you have to post a certain number of posts before a member can access a certain forum.

Request No.2
A mod where when you press delete on a topic. instead of permanently deleting the topic / thread it will send it to a forum which only staff can see.

So that you can bring it back at a later date etc.

Thanks in advance
Request #1
Can't you use the group permissions for that? Just create a new group so that after they reach a required post count, the forum becomes accessible to them.

Request #2
Thanks for request #2

I don't actually know how to do permissions. i will have a little go and see if i can do it.

How do i set the number of posts until they can post in a certain forum?
i have had a look in permission can't find out how.
Na to set a post limit to view a forum will need a mod.
(Jan 12, 2009, 01:37 PM)MattR Wrote: [ -> ]Na to set a post limit to view a forum will need a mod.

Can't he just create a usergroup with permission to view that forum after they reach x amount of posts? For example:
Group 1 (newbies) can view
forum 1

After members of group 1 reach 10 posts (Junior) they can view

It can be set up via the forum permissions and promotions sections in the adminCP
Yeah I remembered after about that, if you set up a group promotion you can more people from a group where they can't view, to a group where they can view, after X posts. But remember not to include the admin group in the group promotion...
Ok thanks, I might try that.
There is also a plug-in at that does this very thing. It will prevent any user from seeing any thread within a forum until they have a certain post count.