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Full Version: CreateBB - Free MyBB 1.4 Forum Hosting
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I've been working on CreateBB for a while now. Jimmie32 of THT is also helping. The support forums are located here. Do you think the design for the forum is good?

We have also modified the ACP of every forum for easier use. You can toggle the sidebar and side boxes if you don't need them.

Some other features we have are:

  1. Unlimited forums, members, posts, and bandwidth.
  2. Free subdomain.
  3. Free and unlimited database backups
  4. No ads!
  5. Choose from over ten different theme and plugins. More plugins and themes are available upon request.
  6. CreateBB Panel inside your forum's ACP.

This is the first public release of CreateBB. What are your opinions? Any criticism is welcome!
Nice site Big Grin
Do you plan to release that ACP theme?? It's great, good job.
We are going to release the ACP theme. Smile
(Jan 17, 2009, 05:26 PM)Snowman01 Wrote: [ -> ]Unlimited forums, members, posts, and bandwidth.

If that's true, why an user would want to move to your "premium" hosting? I think you should specify the real limits of your free hosting package.
To control their own forum. Including uploading plugins and themes by themselves. And honestly I'm not sure if I'm going to start the premium hosting.