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Full Version: A/G/L Posbit
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Hey I have a MyBB 1.4.4 forum, but I don't know how to setup the Age/Sex/Flag on the post_bit... Can someone help me?

[Image: 111200990557ammw3.png]

I know there ir Gender and Country flag plug why no make it in 3? show us to put the Age too.
Anyone? ...
Go to postbit_author_user and postbit_author_classic, in there paste {$post['fid*']} where you want a certain profile field to be shown.

As for the *, replace it with the profile field. So if 4 was the age, it'd be {$post['fid4']}. The problem with using this method is that if a user leaves the age blank it might not look too good. For example:

If you had the A/G/L layout and A was missing, it'd look like this /G/L..I think if you wrote a PHP statement that removed the the first / if this field was blank, it would look better but I'm not sure how to do that.
I did that before you told me lol, thanks too. Then a messenger friend told me he had the age flag and gender plugin lol, i needed on age
Yeah just make a new profile field for the age as there's no need for a plugin as it doesn't even use an image but like I said, if they leave it blank, it might look a bit ugly if you use "/"..And that's the problem with this method. Although I'm sure there's a solution, I just don't know what it is.

*EDIT* Apparently if you play around with this -> you can fix this issue.