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Full Version: PM after certain post count
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If possible, I need a plugin that will automatically send a pm to members once they reach a certain post count.
Would be neat to have these options in acp:
1. GID's that will receive the pm
2. Number of posts needed before pm will be sent
3. Topic of PM
4. Body of PM
5. UID of sender

I considered using the Mass Mail feature and sending it via pm instead of email. That's the only way I could pick the people that had the correct amount of posts. But the task for that mass mailing will only run once, meaning I would have to create a new mailing each time. I want I need it done automatically.
well, wouldn't this be the same as pm on registration? well ill take that plugin and talk to ghostsniper about making one.
Sort of, but it should only send the pm after xx posts.
Hmm...this will be slightly difficult imho since you don't want this checking on every single post. However you might not have a choice I guess.

A check on the postnum == X then send pm would do it but would be done for every single post. Are you sure you want that?

Another option would be to use the tasks system and when the member is upgraded they get a PM. But unfortunately the promotion system doesn't have ANY damn hooks in it. You may need to add one manually.
And how would I add one manually? Hooks aren't my thing. If you get time, could you see if you could whip up something for me to start with?
Sorry to bump this, but is there anyway to edit the "Pm on Registration" mod? That sends a pm to newly registered members (my "Newbie" group=0 posts). Could I edit it so it sends a pm to my "junior" group (10 posts)?
Pretty much nothing has changed since my last post. The method required to do what you want is a bit nasty. The PM on registration is great because it's ONE time at a certain action. When you attach something to every single post it's more resource intense and you have to consider the value.

IMHO using the task system instead is a better idea.
Ok, thanks Labrocca.