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I plan to add a banking system to MYPS for anyone interested.

It will have the following features.

1. Deposits with interest
2. Interest per group settings
3. Loans (with interest)
4. Daily max deposits
5. Daily max withdrawals
6 Richest banking members

This is just a start for the MYPS banking features.
Sounds good but the only problem with the current MYPS is that there's really no way of using the points Sad We need a store or something..

Hasn't there EVER been one for MyBB? Is it really that new? Wow...
Well the problem was previous point system weren't extensively developed. There was a couple in 1.1x series that were never ported to 1.2. They didn't take advantage of the plugin system for mybb which at the time didn't have as many hooks. So that's part of the reason there hasn't been one yet for 1.2x series. MYPS will be compatible with 1.4 even if I have to recode the entire thing.
Okay cool and i think the bank will be good but also on that shop bit i think you should make one of hem to like you can buy your way in to groups or some thing.
Buying into a group is part of the subscription module which will allow you to buy into a group via paypal or MYPS.
Cool i can not wait for that.
sounds great, but what do you mean by "Deposits with interest"?
Well money sitting in the bank will earn an interest. The bank money will incrementally increase in value.
ah ok, that means interests in english, sounds great. You never learn out....
I think a bank feature would be great, I had a points system on the old invision board I had, I'm glad to see a mod like this exists, course the only thing I can really see it lacking at the current time is a bank feature.

Quote:Buying into a group is part of the subscription module which will allow you to buy into a group via paypal or MYPS.
Now THAT is awesome, I've been thinking about doing something like that (with the buying groups and such) over at SS for a while now, I've just lacked a way to do it, I gotta say, this looks like it's one excellent mod, I'll have to make note to try it out tommorow when I get up, as it's a bit late now lol.
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