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Full Version: Very important~please respond
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hello all,

i am wanting to make a terms of service users must agree to prior to entering or signing up for my forum. If there is an existing ToS, how can i change it or add to it to suit the needs and aspects of my forum??

thank you for your time.
im getting views and no response...

theres a registration agreement...where can i alter it to suit my forums? what file or folder?
Why not change the terms and conditions that the members have to agree to when they register?
That can be done by going to ACP/Configuration/Languages/member.lang.php and scroll down to Registration agreement.
Hope that is what you were after Underworldpgc?
i had to search for the member.lang.php file and found it thats all i needed thank you so so sooooo much!

+rep for you!
Cheers Underworldpgc and glad i could help.